From Madagascar with love; wading birds.

The Zazamalala area has always been the habitat of egrets and other wading birds. Due to the recent drought, most ponds and streams became dry. Billions of fish, amphibians and insects perished, with consequences for the birds. For the first time in the 22 years of Zazamalala, this year there were no herons and storks resting and breeding in our baobabs. The trees of the nearby Andromena bird reserve (formerly 6000 ha) have for the most part been burned. Many rare bird species are on the edge of extinction, e.g. Sakalava rail and Humblot’s heron. We decided to deepen the Zazamalala ponds and restore the original habitat. This is an enormous job and we need your help. Please visit the support section our website for more information and options to help.

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