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How you can help


We need help to accomplish the aims of the Zazamalala Foundation. We are a non profit organisation where the boardmembers do not get paid, so as to make all funds available for work being done in the project. But this also means that we greatly welcome volunteers in a multitude of roles. 

Roles that can be done from anywhere include: managing our social media and website, networking and contacting potential donors. If you wish to be active at our forest and support our team in Madagascar, we can welcome you in our forest. We offer full lodging and meals, in exchange for 25 hours of work a week. Besides helping with maintenance and reforestation, we welcome new initiatives.

Students in the fields of Biology, Ecology, Geology or Hydrology or similar are encouraged to join our team as well. There are several unclassified plant species in our forests and we would like to study our soil and hydrology as well.

So, if you feel drawn to help restore part of the original wilderness in Madagascar, please drop us a mail @ Simonzazamalala@gmail.com and we will get back to you Asap.

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