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Visiting Zazamalala

The Zazamalala forest and botanical garden are open to the public all year round. Zazamalala is easily accessible and from the beach at Morondava by car to Zazamalala takes only 50 minutes. From the Morondava airport it takes 40 minutes.

At Zazamalala you can enter the original dry deciduous forest of west Madagascar, the most threatened ecosystem in the world. Here live rare and unique animals, such as 11 species of lemurs, 5 species of chameleons, and a bird colony with hundreds of herons and egrets.

Zazamalala has a botanical garden with a large collection of palms and plants from the spiny forest of south Madagascar, as well as a turtle breeding station.

Come to Zazamalala for a unique wildlife experience, enter the forest to spot rare animals, and enjoy cold drinks and a lunch afterwards.

Zazamalala also organizes workshops about the Traditional life of the Sakalava tribe and Tropical reforestation.

Mail to zazamalala@gmail.com for more information or reservations or call Simon at +31 6 36258593.

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