Giant chameleons

Madagascar is the country to find giant chameleons and Zazamalala will not disappoint you. Our record Furcifer oustaleti measured 56 cm. The males are substantially larger than the females and rather nasty creatures, not scared and with a strong and painful bite. In fact, fighting males can kill one another when combatting for females in October. But also with their sharp nails small injuries may result from handling these reptiles. The other Malagasy giant is Calumma parsonii, a beautifully colored and rather docile giant from the eastern rainforest. The Zazamalala giants are immobile during the long dry season and hide in tree tops, although local people believe that they sleep in burrows. From September on, the adult chameleons become very active, looking for partners and food. The female produces a few eggs that are buried into the ground and hatch during the hot rainy season.

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